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Youth Ministries (6th grade through 12th grade)
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Journey Youth Gathering
Journey Youth Gatherings take place every Wednesday in the Journey Chapel & Warehouse( Building 100) for all middle and high school students. At Journey, our main focus is the word of God and incorporating the 3 E’s (Equip, Evangelize and Encourage) throughout each the year.

EQUIP: Teaching how to incorporate biblical knowledge, truths and skills in everyday life, molding disciples, and experiencing the Love of God.

EVANGELIZE: Going through practical steps and biblical stories highlighting how to make Christ known to the student’s families, schools and wherever God leads.

ENCOURAGE: Lifting up the students in prayer, spiritual guidance, leadership skills, and unity with the body of Christ in and out of our church family.

Meeting Times:

Weekdays:  Main Journey Gatherings: Wednesdays: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Sundays:  Bible Study: Sundays at  9:00am and  11:00am
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Young Adult Ministries – College through 20’s
Welcome! We are excited to have you!
Emerge is a college level/Young adult ministry associated with Quest Church!

•What is the purpose of Emerge? The purpose is to simply glorify the holy name of Jesus, but also edify and equip the believer. We are here to evoke conversation, but also allow for that conversation to elicit a positive response. At no point are we here to put on a show, or try to be something we are not. We are all sinners who have displeased God in some form or fashion. Because we have displeased him we are all on a journey of redemption, and Emerge is a tool to find that redemption.

•All are welcome! We are not a place to judge but we are place of change. Everything we do will find affirmation in the manifestation of change. For we know that when God truly becomes a part of your life then change is inevitable.

We meet each Monday. We star with prayer at 7:00 p.m. and  and Bible study at  7:30 pm. For more information, please contact the church office.