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Looking to serve God alone or with others?  We believe God invites us to join Him in loving and serving one another in and beyond our community.  Join us to try out any of these serve opportunities and have fun while doing it!!  Dirke Johnson  at 407 293-3696 for details on any of our groups
Bread of Life Fellowship

Caring for those in need with life’s necessities and a message of hope.  Come and help pack, serve or pray with guests.  Contact Mark & his team at 407 654-7777 for details

S.T.A.R.S. of West Orange
Providing backpacks and basic school supplies to students in need at elementary, middle and high schools.  Contact Hal McIntyre to help out at 407 290-3009.
Matthew’s Hope
Serving the needs of our friends without homes in the West Orange area, including food, clothing, medical and employment help.  Contact Matthew’s Hope at 407 877-4673 to get involved.
West Orange Christian Service Center
Mobilizing the West Orange community to provide food and resources to local folk in need.  Contact Claudette Robinson at 407 258-8165 to get involved with their team.
Christmas Angels  
Providing gifts of love to children in need in our own community and schools.  Contact Vickie Murphy at 407 857-2627 to help out with this annual project.
Lake Pierce Fishers of Men
Providing food, spiritual formation, clothing and other vital resources for local children in need.  Contact  Laura Starich at 407 293-8578 to visit and get involved.
Food & Clothing Drives
Help coordinate and communicate for these needed drives to provide resources for various missions.  Contact the church office at 407 293-3696 for details.
Helping Hands Food Pantry
Stocking food and help for folk in need in our community. Contact the church office at 407 293-3696 for details.
People Helping People
An online email group helping folk in need in our community and beyond.  Contact the church office at 407 293-3696 to sign up!
Windblown Serve Team 
Meets periodically to serve folks inside and outside our church family.  Like to paint, pray, do yard work, electrical, ANYTHING for others?  Call Dirke Johnson at 407 293-3696 if interested


Vida Joven Nicaragua
Helping underprivileged youth have opportunities for recreation, sports, culture, healthy lifestyles and Christian formation.  Contact Butch Goehring at 407 293-3696 for details.
United Missions (Haiti)
Providing vital resources (food, clothing, medicine, water) to the village of Cornillion as well as building a school and worship sanctuary for them.  Contact Jeff Bradshaw at 407 296-6930 for details on getting involved either here or by making a trip to help.
Salvation Army School For The Blind
The students of the Salvation Army School for the Blind in Kingston, Jamaica.  Contact Dwight Sayer at 407 877-1970 to find out how you can get involved here or by taking a trip over to assist.