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Quest Groups. . . Connect, Grow, Serve together

At Quest Church we are on a quest to become more like Jesus as we grow in our love for God and for others. We believe God’s Spirit will meet us as we open God’s Word to study, discuss and learn together. And we believe in connecting with God’s people to have fun, to laugh, to pray, to eat together and do life together.

We don’t grow in isolation, we grow in community. There is a Quest Group just right for YOU! Download this list of groups: Quest Groups

and join one today! You won’t be sorry.
How Do I Get Connected?
After looking at the groups list, if you’re unsure, e-mail the director of Adult Ministries, Dirke Johnson. He will help connect you to the group that will be best for you. E-mail:
Quest Groups
We have more than 15 groups that meet throughout the week. Some focus on studying the Bible, some focus on practical Christian principles related to being single, married, young adults, senior adults, men or women. We have exercise groups and we have creative art groups. No matter your age, gender or interest, there is a group for you
Fellowship Groups

We have groups just so you can relax and get to know one another over a meal and fun social interaction. The women have a monthly dinner fellowship at various restaurants. The men meet bi-weekly for a breakfast and for time to get to know each other as they discuss biblical principles related to issues uniquely effecting men.

You are also welcome to check out the “Friends of the Caribbean Fellowship” group that meets every other month and has lots of fun and lots of food. And of course you can join the Zumba class, the walking group or “Paint Night” to develop some great relationships.

Serving Opportunities

Quest Church supports financially and provides opportunities for Quest members to serve more than 10 ministries that minister in West Orlando and other parts of the world. You can contact those ministries directly to help serve.

Here’s your link to the description of our Quest Groups and volunteer opportunities: Quest Groups

At Quest, we have teams that would love to have your help:

(music)                                (drama)